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long time no write

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Apr. 19th, 2007 | 11:14 pm
location: my room
mood: boredbored
music: Finger Eleven: Complications

So I have been neglecting my LJ page for some time now, but that is not my fault. My life has just not had enough going on of interest to put up. But today something happened that's worth talking about. To start, yesterday my Intramural Ultimate Frisbee team played our arc-rivals in the Semifinals of the playoffs and won 9-7! That was awesome, and the game could have gone either way. It basically came down to whom ever could score the first 2 solid points would win the game. So today was the finals, playing a team that wasn't better than the team from yesterday, so we knew it wouldn't be hard. We started the game by loosing the first point (which never happened all season) so that got us a little pissed off. After that, we came back to win 11-5 after a couple of crappy points. Our next stop is the all campus playoffs on Monday. We will play 2 games on Monday, but because we won today, we get a break in between them and don't have to play back-to-back. As for an update on Jess, her Lymphoma is gone, has 2 Chemo's left, and is now focusing on the clot in her heart. It is located in her Right Atrium, and is roughly 3cm big (that's about the width of a golf-ball if you can't picture it). We will find out how things are moving along and what will happen in the future with the clot come May 3rd. That's a wrap. Will probably have more to say shortly...finals and finals and finals (are coming) oh my!

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